System Guide

How to sign up for the ETS system step-by- step

To subscribe to the tracing, tracking and good authenticity verification system and to take advantage of the system (brand protection + smuggling + preventing the entry of counterfeit goods, etc.), read the following steps carefully and then register Take action.
  • First Step

    Becoming a member at the National Iranian Product and Service Numbering Center (GS1 Iran) and receiving the GLN Code.

  • Second Step

    Get GTIN code for items you want

  • Third Step

    Subscribe to the ETS system using the GLN code

  • Fourth Step

    Issue serial number for desired goods

  • Fifth Step

    Print barcodes and attach them to merchandise

  • Sixth step

    Sending serials to the quality supervisor, to get sales leads

  • Seventh Step

    Sale of goods that have been approved by a technical supervisor

  • Eighth Step

    Registration of product types if needed