Product monitoring across the supply chain (Authentication verification, tracking, tracking)

The ETS system provides online identification services based on GS1 global standards and creating infrastructure to trace, track and authentication verification of goods in supply chain.

Value Propositions of ETS System

Advantages of membership in the ETS and GS1 Iran in the field of Tracking, Tracing, and Verifying Products.

Reduce data/information recording time

Tracing after-sales services

Decrease bureaucracy

Reduce resource consumption such as paper

Traceability goods throughout the country

Increase quality of service

Advantages of our service

By subscribing to GS1 Iran and receiving codes such as GLN and GTIN and... you can take advantage of this center's tremendous benefits to track, trace and verify the authenticity of goods in the supply chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to begin to join GS1 Iran?
Visit the portal> Registration> Create a new membership request
Is it necessary to be present for membership?
No, all membership stages are non-existent and online, and there is no need to visit the center or agency offices in person.
How could access to the membership guide
Refer to> Log In> How to complete membership's forms and editing
Are there any restrictions on the registration of natural or legal persons?
All natural or legal persons who have the potential to supply goods and are legally allowed for economic activity can become members of this center.

Why you should choose us?

Over the years, GS1 has accumulated valuable experience and has professional work teams in its own right.

Counseling Service

The GS1 Iran is ready to resolve any questions and ambiguities about the ETS system, as well as GS1 will be available as long as the tracking and verify authentication system is used in your company/corporate.

Using of the GS1 Global Standard

GS1 standards have been used for 45 years. Today, bar codes are scanned more than 5 billion times a day, and more than 300,000 businesses in 25 different industries use GS1 standards around the world. GS1's standards enable businesses to provide efficiency services and innovation for the future.

reliable Source Information of goods and services.

GS1 Iran is one of the 12 major reference databases in Iran, according to the Circular No. ... and is the only reliable Source Information of goods and services.

Consultation Form

GS1 needs to get information about your business to know how to help you. Please complete the form below carefully. After receiving the information, our experts will check it and call you. You can also help us improve this system by sending comments and suggestions.
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Latest News

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